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1- Private Lesson Consulting – for students wanting more on-court tennis help. This service is for students with or without a coach and entails a private lesson in person or through skype and video along with follow-up exercises.

COST= $150 per 50 minutes


2- Mental Toughness Consulting – for students wanting to improve their mentality. The mental toughness program takes into account what is happening on-court as skills on and off the court must improve concurrently for one to gain confidence, success, and happiness. As part of this program, students develop a self-created PCT: Personal Coaching Tool booklet to help ‘become their own best coach’ and develop better practice and match preparation, competitiveness, self-discipline, and more.

COST= $150 per 50 minutes


3- Coaching Consulting – for coaches seeking coaching help or mediating assistance with a student and/ or student’s parent. As a coach who needed lots of coaching assistance, this service benefitted me and can benefit all coaches as all coaches can keep learning and growing as the great teacher Morrie Schwartz from Tuesdays with Morrie teaches.

COST= $150 per 50 minutes


4- Parent Consulting – for parent(s) seeking individual insight, leadership or mediation help between them and their child, them and their child’s coach, their child and child’s coach and/ or child and inner circle of friends. The goal is to help overall communication for positive energy and team success reasons.

COST= $150 per 50 minutes


5- Combo Consulting 

Goals– for player, parent and coach

For Player- more positive energy, professionalism, and physical and mental toughness

For Parent and Coach- help the overall team attitude

For Coach- on-court skill assistance from a technical, physical, mental/ emotional and strategic perspective

Weekly Structure – 2 total days

Day 1- Stretch and visualization routines; supervise self-structured drills to help player’s professionalism; mental toughness talk and exercises about attitude, home energy, relationship with coach, and tournament preparation

Day 2- Watch player compete on video; express to his coach my overall skills feedback; evaluate player and coach interactions and my suggestions from the mental toughness work; speak to player’s parents about the energy at home and any suggested adjustments.

COST= $150 per 50 minutes


6- Group Seminars/Consulting– for a group’s specific tennis-related skills of interest with follow-up exercises

COST= $1,750 per day, plus expenses


7-Tennis Consulting TrainingSee Program Tab