Advanced Instruction for Beginners

Yesterday I was working with a beginner with decent feel of the ball but had no technique. She is an adult who has not played tennis since elementary school. I had to teach her how to rotate and not open up her body too early during the rotation process. In this way, she could take advantage of her core strength when hitting the ball. What makes the transition difficult for helping a player with relative consistency from the short court with no technique is the following:

1- Teaching the right techniques
2- Not opening up their body too early and putting core strength into each shot
3- Creating a sense of contact awareness
4- Mentally accepting the loss of feel and control during this transitional learning period
5- Creating basic control with these new technical changes.

During the lesson, I shifted gears and had my student focus mainly on feeling the repetitive timing at contact with the inertia when opening up her body. Feeling the new level of power created by better technique and use of core power and a sense of control was helped when I minimized the technical focus. Instead of concentrating on backswings and follow through, we focused on feeling the main through part of the shot. The inertia between the core opening up to the shot, while connecting at the right contact point and hitting through the contact is all that was technically needed for this introductory lesson.

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